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May 20, 2016

Save Time and Money – Best Practices for Completing Loan Documents Using Electronic Signatures

Why make a trip to your customer’s home to get loan documents signed when they can be done electronically?   Our Pinnacle Online Dealer System (PODS) provides a simple, fast and secure method of emailing the documents to your customer so they can sign them electronically.  PODS utilizes DocuSign, the industry leader in E-sign (Electronic Signatures). Here are a few tips to take advantage of this very powerful on-line tool: Set a phone call time – Although you can initiate an email to your customer(s) at any time to begin the DocuSign process, scheduling a brief phone call with the customer to […]
May 23, 2016

Video – A Great Marketing Tool for Your Business

We came across an interesting article in the NARI Newsletter about using Instagram 60-second videos for your business. Although the article addresses Instagram specifically, video in general is great way to bolster your marketing. With so many tools available today, even to small businesses, the cost and time associated with creating videos is more affordable and easier than ever before. Did you know? YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google. It is ahead of Bing and Yahoo among others, all together. The article provides helpful advice on how to create videos including very simple tips like using a […]
June 16, 2016

Home Improvement Financing Tips

We recently wrote a blog piece about financing tips for homeowners looking to purchase home improvement products. We thought we would share it with you. If you wish please feel free to share this information with your customers or post it on your website. If you do post it on your website we kindly ask that you credit Pinnacle Finance for the information. What can homeowners do if products or services are needed, or desired, for their home, but cash or credit cards funds are not available?   Financing the purchase over a period of time enables the homeowner to fit […]
June 17, 2016

Homeowner Seminars – One Marketing Tool That May Work for You

Last month we posted about using video for marketing your business. It’s a great tool for marketing in today’s day and age. It’s easier than ever to produce and search engines love video. But video is a digital marketing initiative and merely one of many tools within a full marketing plan. The trick is to find what methods best work for your business and then keep it going. On the more traditional side of things, many remodelers have found Homeowner Seminars to be an effective method of marketing, and by extension, a way to get good leads. Not all marketing […]