Drones in the Remodeling and Construction Industry
April 21, 2016
Video – A Great Marketing Tool for Your Business
May 23, 2016
Drones in the Remodeling and Construction Industry
April 21, 2016
Video – A Great Marketing Tool for Your Business
May 23, 2016

Why make a trip to your customer’s home to get loan documents signed when they can be done electronically?   Our Pinnacle Online Dealer System (PODS) provides a simple, fast and secure method of emailing the documents to your customer so they can sign them electronically.  PODS utilizes DocuSign, the industry leader in E-sign (Electronic Signatures).

Here are a few tips to take advantage of this very powerful on-line tool:

  1. Set a phone call time – Although you can initiate an email to your customer(s) at any time to begin the DocuSign process, scheduling a brief phone call with the customer to have them sign will be easier than relying on them to review and sign the documents on their own.
  2. Have the customer use a PC– While E-sign can be completed on a smartphone, it is best if the customer is in front of a PC.
  3. Five minutes before the scheduled call, send the E-sign link to the customer via PODS.
    1. In the Complete Contract screen complete all the loan details.
    2. At the bottom in the Sign Type box choose “E-sign Docs”.
    3. Input the customer’s email address.  If there is a co-applicant, include their email address as well.
    4. An email with an embedded link will be sent to the customer(s) asking them to sign.
  4. Contact the customer and have them log into their email account.  
    1. They should have an email with the subject line of “(Your Dealer Name) – (Product financed) –Signing Request”. So for example the subject line might be:  “ABC Windows – Replacement Windows – Signing Request”.
    2. They can open the email and click the link which will take them to the DocuSign Signing Room where they review the loan agreement.
  5. As they view the loan agreement you can review the terms of the loan including – number of months, interest rate, monthly payment and any promotional financing, if applicable.
  6. They can complete the signing process by clicking a few buttons, assuming they agree to the terms.
  7. After the customer signs if there is a joint applicant on the loan a subsequent email will be sent to the co-signer for their review and signature.
  8. Once the customer(s) completes the E-sign, an email is sent to the designated person for the dealer/contractor, asking them to sign.  Once they sign, the E-sign process is complete!
    1. The loan will automatically be placed in to the SIGNCOMP status within PODS.
    2. Assuming the work has been completed, Pinnacle begins the verification and funding process.

If you would like to watch a tutorial of how to initiate an E-sign as well as what the customer will see on their end, please check our video training here.

Final Points:  

What if the customer claims they did not receive the email asking them to sign electronically?

  1. Double check to make sure the email address is correct.
    1. Go to the Complete Contract screen, scroll down to the bottom and choose E-sign Docs – verify email address.
    2. If the address is incorrect, make the correction and click “Submit and Generate Documents” to have the E-sign email sent again.
  2. If the email address is correct – have the customer check their Junk/Spam folder.  It may have mistakenly been placed in there.
  3. If the customer still has not received the email, please contact Dealer Support at 888-788-7379 and we will assist you.

Utilizing our electronic signature technology can enable you to complete the loan agreement process with your customer more quickly thus saving time, saving money and leading to faster funding times once the job is complete.

If you have any other suggestions for how you have effectively utilized E-sign please let us know!  We are always looking for ways to make the E-sign process more efficient for our dealers and contractors.  If you have any other questions regarding E-sign please call Dealer Support at 888-788-7379.