Dealer Marketing Toolkit

Dealers, tell your customers you've partnered with Pinnacle Finance

We want to make it easy for you to offer home improvement financing through Pinnacle, so we have created Pinnacle Finance brand images you can download and place on your website.  We can provide you a pre-qualification link which can be attached to the images where your customers can pre-qualify directly from your website with Pinnacle.
In just three simple steps you can easily let your customers know about your partnership with Pinnacle.
Step 1: Pinnacle Finance Approved Dealers, email us to request your custom credit application link (Not an approved dealer yet? Get started here)
Step 2: Choose an image below and click the download button
Step 3: Upload the image to your website and attach the custom link to the image for your customers to pre-qualify with Pinnacle.
Please contact your sales rep or Dealer Support at 888-788-7379 with questions.