Pinnacle Finance Blog

February 17, 2016


One of our primary goals at Pinnacle Finance is to fund loans as quickly as possible for our dealers.  Dealers can assist in this process by making sure that Pinnacle has all of the required documents and that they are completed correctly.  To help make the funding process as efficient as possible we have made some minor changes to our credit application and contract completion screens within the Pinnacle Online Dealer System (PODS).   First, to review, the following are the documents Pinnacle requires to fund a loan. Credit application signed by customer(s) – An original of the credit application […]
April 20, 2016

Verification Calls – Help Us Fund You Faster

  At Pinnacle Finance one of our most important goals is to fund our dealers/contractors as quickly as possible.  Typically one of the most common delays in funding a new loan is the completion of the verification call with the customer which is required prior to funding each new loan.   Once we reach the customer the most important part of the call is for us to make friendly contact with our mutual customer.  During the call we confirm that the work is complete, go over the details of the financing, explain the billing and payment process, confirm their mailing address […]