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March 21, 2016
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call verifcation

At Pinnacle Finance one of our most important goals is to fund our dealers/contractors as quickly as possible.  Typically one of the most common delays in funding a new loan is the completion of the verification call with the customer which is required prior to funding each new loan.   Once we reach the customer the most important part of the call is for us to make friendly contact with our mutual customer.  During the call we confirm that the work is complete, go over the details of the financing, explain the billing and payment process, confirm their mailing address and to let them know we are here to answer any of their questions.   Once the verification call is complete and we have the original of the loan agreement we can complete the funding.  Here is how you can help ensure the verification call is completed as soon as possible so we can fund you:

  • Let the Customer Know We Will Be Calling – Please be sure the customer is aware that a phone call with Pinnacle is required and that it is their obligation in order to complete the financing process.
  • Phone Numbers, Phone Numbers – Please be sure to provide to Pinnacle all available phone numbers for your customer(s) including both home and cell numbers. If there is a co-applicant provide their contact information as well.  The more phone numbers we have the easier it will be to reach them.
  • Provide the Customer a Financing Addendum – At your option, we can provide you a Financing Addendum that can be included as part of the loan agreement to be signed by the customer and sent to us once complete. The Addendum lets the customer know that we will be calling, provides the best phone numbers and time of day for us to reach them, and lets them know it is their obligation to follow up with us if we leave a message.  Some of our dealers currently use this addendum and it does improve our ability to complete the verification call in a timely manner.  The Financing Addendum can be found on the Pinnacle Online Dealer System (PODS) in the Training Docs tab or please contact us and we can e-mail one to you.

By ensuring that the verification call is completed in a timely manner will help us fund you faster!