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April 20, 2016
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drone and remodeling industryThe use of drones in the remodeling and construction business has become a hot topic in the past couple of years. Drones are an innovative technology that can be extremely useful to contractors in many ways. But there are also very tentative feelings surrounding the use of drones in the remodeling industry because there is a lack of firm rules and regulations by the government and FAA. It definitely leaves contractors feeling uneasy in how they can use them and if they are using them properly, so as not to cause trouble or even break a law.

There are great advantages of drone use for remodeling that can help save money for remodeling companies. There are other advantages too.

  • Equipment – Contractors can reduce the equipment needed, like trucks, ladders and cranes.
  • Safety – Often, by using a drone, you can replace putting a worker in a dangerous position. You can look at a roof via video and photos instead of sending a worker up there.
  • Liability and Risk – By using video or photos from a drone instead of sending a worker in a dangerous position, you are reducing liability and risk of an injury.
  • Marketing – You are able to differentiate your company from other companies by being a business that is innovative and utilizes the best and most modern technology.
  • Transparency – You can easily keep your clients updated on progress through video and photos from a drone.

Although there are a lot of positive talking points when it comes to drone use, there are things to consider. Here are some disadvantages for discussion:

  • Lack of Clear Regulations – The uncertainty of the regulations for use is a definite barrier to more widespread use in the industry.
  • Danger – Unexperienced users can cause damage, and even injury, with a crash of the drone.
  • Privacy – Because drones can fly anywhere and capture images over private property, drone operators may find themselves in hot water if they invade the privacy of others. The lack of clarity of regulations adds to this issue.

As with all advancements in technology, there will be more clarity of rules and regulations from the government, because there is no choice for it to happen. If we can use technology to improve business for remodelers, that will only help the industry. There are many areas within the remodeling and contracting industry that could likely benefit from using a drone for various activities – solar, HVAC, roofing and inspection to name a few.

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