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What is brand awareness and why do companies in any industry, large and small, need to put forth efforts in marketing their brand? With the technology that’s available today, customers and prospects have the power to find the businesses they want to engage, whether this means purchasing products or hiring a company for services. The question is – do they know your company even exists? Have they heard about your company and the work that you do? Are they aware of your brand? Simply stated, the definition of brand awareness is:

A brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets and it’s something that needs attention and nurturing. Marketing plays a big part in developing brand awareness to customers and prospective customers. Gaining customers and business from those customers is your goal, if you want to stay in business, and it all starts with brand awareness.

There is a wide range of things you can and should be doing to capture the attention of customers and prospects. This includes traditional methods of marketing as well as digital efforts. The idea is to lead them to engage with you and the services your remodeling company provides.

  • Website – Today’s customers do much of their research online and a website is your part of the internet universe. It is your 24/7/365 “salesperson” where customers and prospects can learn more about your company. A website also provides credibility and legitimacy, showing your company will continue to be in existence for a long time.
  • Direct Marketing – Especially for local companies, when a potential customer receives a letter, postcard, brochure or a unique promotional item directly to them, it makes a memorable impression. Even with digital methods available, quite often traditional methods are more memorable. People love to receive something they can touch and feel in their hands.
  • Email Marketing – It is a great way to communicate regularly with customers and prospects. It’s easy, inexpensive and it’s a method people use every day. It is also the perfect distribution channel for you to provide valuable and useful content and information to your audience, helping them to see your company is the one they should engage when it’s time to remodel their home.
  • Relationship Building – A very traditional method, meeting people and networking face-to-face is still valuable to the health of a business. We spend a large part of our days in front of a computer with no personal contact. Seeing and talking to people helps to build trust, however old-fashion it may seem. Trust is the number one factor in why people make the decision to hire your company to do an important job for them.
  • Signage – This one, along with handing out business cards, is probably the simplest and most inexpensive thing you can do to get people to see your company and brand in action. When you are on a job site and there is a sign displayed, customers and prospects will remember your company each time they see the sign. The more frequently they see your sign, the better chance they remember the name of your company, your logo and what you do. This can even lead to a referral if they see the sign and ask their neighbor about your company.
  • Social Media – Marketing today is very different than marketing years ago. Engagement is a key aspect of marketing and social media is very engaging and social. People often start their searches for information via social media. They can ask for recommendations from their networks, as well as give recommendations. It’s a valuable channel to distribute content, which includes photos, videos and any other helpful information.
  • Content – This is a key piece of marketing and brand awareness. Through content you can educate customers and prospects with a brochure, blog post, trends and many other valuable information. You can also provide photos of past projects, and videos of projects, products or processes. The possibilities are endless.

These ideas only touch the surface of all the marketing initiatives that can help build your brand, create brand awareness and help your business grow and thrive.

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