January 17, 2016
February 17, 2016

Is it online or offline? Where does the search for a contractor begin? In this digital world we live in today, you may be surprised to hear that the search does NOT begin online. It begins with old fashion “word-of-mouth”, or referrals. However, referrals help both older generations and younger generations in different ways. The older generation gets their referrals by talking with friends and family. The younger generation, who grew up on the internet, tend to look at online reviews. The perfect plan – find the right mix of traditional (referrals) and new (online reviews) methods of marketing.

where did you start your search for a contractor

Although the search does not begin online in most cases, it is still important to have a website for multiple reasons. It may be the second factor that helps a potential client choose you to be their contractor. Why have a website? The survey of more than 1,700 homeowners showed the following:

  • No website: When asked the question – What would make you instantly avoid a contractor – the answer was no website 13% of the time.
  • Photos: A website is where you can display your photos of gorgeous remodeling projects. But be sure to include both before and after photos, which will help homeowners visualize what their own project will look like. More than 40% of the respondents said they are looking for photos to help with the decision-making process.
  • After a referral: A website serves as the secondary marketing tool. The first is the referral. The first place your potential client will go is to your website when a friend or family member speaks highly of you. It’s the trust factor. They trust their friends and family. Your website is the validation of their recommendation.
  • Testimonials: The younger generation are drawn to online reviews. They may look at sites like Yelp, but they will also look at the testimonials on your site. Any visitor to your site will find themselves reading the testimonials, especially after seeing the photos of your past projects.
  • A differentiator: Respondents said that they check with more than contractor when researching their project. Why give your potential client a reason to choose another contractor? There is more than a good chance your competitors will have a website. And if they do not, you have increased your chances to get the job.

The statistics are interesting and you may be surprised at the answers given in the survey.

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