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August 24, 2016
Keep Closing Sales Through the Holidays!
November 7, 2016

Every remodeler has faced this scenario – you go to the home to discuss the remodel job. The homeowners get excited with the prospect of the new, beautiful home that will be theirs with a remodel project. You give them the proposal that outlines the details, costs and timeline. Then the enthusiastic prospect suddenly becomes the silent prospect.



When doubt sets in and the reality of the scope of the project is in front of the homeowners, many things go through the mind of the prospect.

  • Can we really afford to do this?
  • Won’t it be a hassle to live amongst the construction?
  • Do we have the time to devote to this project?
  • Do we really need to do this project?
  • How much value will this really add to our home?

What can you do to keep this project on track so that you can begin the job vs. losing the sale? After all, there was a reason the prospect contacted you in the first place. THEY wanted to do this project, at least, at some point in time.

  • Show the prospect how this project is a solution to their needs. Every purchase is made because we need to solve a problem. The same goes for a remodeling project. Tap into that solution to close the sale.
  • How you present the facts matter, and can help close the sale. Remember that the prospect may be nervous about costs as they add up. An item within the project may seem unaffordable at first glance. But if you frame it properly, for example cost over time or the quality of the product and the value it adds to the remodel, the cost may then be seen as affordable.
  • People do business with people they like. Simply stated, make it personal. The homeowners may feel more comfortable moving forward as they get to know you and your employees. Local businesses often benefit from the “buy local” movements throughout the country. This can help take the focus off of price as the solitary reason for choosing you and highlight other important things like customer service.

Although no one ever wants to lose a sale, every sale is not a valuable sale that is worth closing. Sometimes you need to “know when to fold ‘em”.

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