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content marketingContent Marketing has become a key element in successful marketing for businesses across all industries. However, the remodeling world has fallen behind and doesn’t use content marketing much when advertising their company. In today’s world of multi-channel marketing, advertisements have become background noise that consumers don’t even hear anymore. They are everywhere – TV, radio, online, print, social media, billboards, your phone and more. How can a company stand out and rise above all the noise of very loud advertising?

Think about your own purchasing habits today, whether you are purchasing a product or engaging a company for a service. How do you go about making your decision? A good guess is – you research the product or the service. This means you are trying to learn more than you know today.

This is where content marketing comes in. You are providing more than a one-way message where you advertise your company. There is so much of that kind of messaging that it is getting harder and harder to get your potential customers to listen. But with content marketing, you are providing value – something that your potential customer needs. In this case, the need is information. You are providing the education that the customer needs.

Why Content Marketing? 

  • A consistent presence – It is not a “one and done” marketing activity. Each month you provide a valuable piece of content that your audience comes to rely on receiving.
  • A level of control – While the advent of the digital world has changed marketing from the a marketer-centric activity to a customer-centric activity, you still have a level of control because you are producing the valuable content. Relying solely on referrals for your business is something you cannot control.
  • A large audience – You can reach a larger audience by producing content that can be distributed through email, on social media, in a blog, in an article, in a newsletter, in a webinar, at a seminar and on your website.
  • A 24/7/365 salesperson – Your content can be read by your potential customers, anywhere and anytime. Your audience can read it on a plane, on a phone, on a tablet or on a laptop or desktop.
  • Solving a problem – Rather than an advertisement which only serves you and your company, with valuable content you are helping people solve an issue they are trying to fix. They will remember you for helping them.
  • Get found – Your content may help people find you when they are searching a particular topic. The first thing we all do when we have a question is an internet search.

So many businesses have figured out that helping people is the key to gaining customers. Ads are not always memorable if they don’t provide value. Helping solve a problem is memorable. Instead of pitching your products and services, provide useful content! 

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